I have used the Plexfit a couple of times already and it is great. I have never had a sling that can support my arm so well with great comfort. When I am running it feels very comfortable and stays in the same position throughout my run. Whereas, basic slings don't support the arm as well and constantly slip or come undone. I was very impressed with the magnetic fasteners they are very effective and easy to use with one arm. It is a great design and no sling I have ever bought has come close to quality of the Plexfit.


Bryce, US

Hello Anthony,

I wanted to let you know we did receive the flex arm sling, my son loves it and it fits great. Thank you so much for rushing our order and exchanging his other size with no problem.

Hello I received my plexfit! It's comfortable and I'm able to do things I wasn't able to do before.



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Thank you! I hit a tree skiing in Colorado and avulsed 2 nerves and have almost entire right arm paralysis with shoulder subluxation. Thank you for developing this!!

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